Trail Tips

Be Educated

-Print a map of area 

-Check trail width requirements as some ATV trails will not allow for UTVs over 50"

-Good to be aware of hunting seasons and areas to avoid disturbing a hunt or game

Be Legal

Colorado OHV Requirements:

-Current Colorado OHV Registration Sticker

-Current Colorado OHV Use Permit Sticker

New Mexico OHV Requirements:

-Requires OHV riders to register the vehicle, or obtain a permit

Be Prepared

A Few Essentials to Always Pack

-Map and Compass or GPS

-Extra Gas

-Flat Tire Repair Kit

-Water and Snacks

-Safety Gear (Helmet, Goggles, Etc)

-First Aid Kit

-Heavy Jacket (If Necessary)

Be Respectful

-Share the trails with others by slowing down when passing, especially for hikers, bicyclists, or those on horseback

-When parking to unload avoid potentially blocking in other vehicles or the trail head

-Slowing down for wildlife and livestock lessens the impact of our ride

Be Mindful

-The access to these trails is a privilege not a right, and being mindful of the land ensures we will continue to enjoy this privilege.

-Stay on trails to lessen erosion impact

-Best to avoid private land

-These machines can destroy in 15 minutes what took nature 300+ years to create, it is our responsibility to make every effort to leave no trace

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