Video Coming Soon

I will be creating an about us video this summer. My hope is that it will show ya'll:

- Where we came from

-Where we are

**-Most Importantly, where we are going, and how we hope to serve you in the upcoming years and decades

Simpfly the history page and focus on the where were going page

Danny, Escape Power Sports Founder

Cars, Lawn Care, and Blood

Passion (Adrenaline)

My passion for power-sports deepest roots are in the years I spent saving for my first car, a 450 hp 2001 Chevy Camaro. Leading to a life long addiction to adrenaline, speed, and adventure.

Instead of partying my years at LSU in Baton Rouge, La I took my entrepreneurial spirit to the lawn care industry. There with my partner and lifelong friend, got to work in that hot Louisiana sunshine and Hats and Boots Lawn Care LLC was up and running.  The fulfillment from those years of hard work are the foundation for my love of a long days work. 

On days it was to wet to cut grass I reignited my passion by starting a small neighborhood dealership called Off-Road Addictions.

As with most small business's that first year was a grind. I learned about business the only way I really learn anything, the hard way.

Everything from armed robberies, to motorcycle wrecks, to month after month of watching life savings disappear taught me there will be blood. 

All of these experiences showed me there are no short-cuts, no easy path, no one will do the work for you, no replacement for knowing I will never quit until I can compete and bring more value to my clients than they ever expected.




Hustle (Landscaping Business)
Grind (Blood and Losses)

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